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Deaf Ear Productions has a wealth of experience in the audio industry from recording studio environments to live concerts and performances that span many genres and disciplines. With over 30 years experience in the creative industries our team is led by musician and sound engineer/producer, Brian Despard. Brian has recorded and produced many different artists from a wide range of musical genres including Jazz, Urban, African, Rock, Asian, and Celtic.

In addition, he has also worked as house engineer for a number of leading London music and performance venues and has a great deal of experience working on outdoor festivals and events. He has engineered and mixed live performances for a host of well known and respected musicians including funk legend, Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown), The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and The Dhol Foundation (Asian Drumming Academy)  – he is currently sound engineer for Avalonia a 4 piece fusion band incorporating Irish, Asian and Egyptian styles.

Deaf Ear Productions care about sound and sound quality and are committed to making your recording the best it can be in your chosen location. 

Shaikiya Hersi - Assistant Engineer

Shaikiya has completed an OCN Certificate in Commercial Music specialising in sound engineering. She has gained good studio experience and has joined Deaf Ear as assistant engineer. Shaikiya was thrown in at the deep end by engineering a country music project as well as assisting the front of House engineer at a live event at Cable, London Bridge. She was also assistant engineer at a number of Deaf Ear live recordings of cultural / corporate events. 

* All staff are CRB/DBS (enhanced)

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