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1x4 hour session gives you 2 hours recording time plus 2 hours mix time

Cost  £200.00*                                                 

DeafDeal 2

1x6 hour session gives you 3 hours recording time plus 3 hours mix time

Cost  £250.00*                                                 

DeafDeal 3   

10 hour daily rate gives you 5 hours recording time plus 5 hrs mix time

Cost £350.00*  

*All prices quoted are within a 5 mile radius of London N17 0.55p per mile thereafter

Power is not supplied and must be available at the location.


Mixing is included with your DeafDeal package. Please note all mixes will be a basic balanced level mix with minimal signal processing. If you require more production on the mix of your recording, i e more detailed equalization, dynamic processing, special effects, digital editing please contact us for details.

Other technologies can be integrated as requested.

DeafDeal 1

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  1. 1.    A 50% deposit (unless otherwise agreed) will be required to secure a booking. Charges for services, payment terms and method of payment, will be made known and agreed with the customer prior to booking date.  Deaf ear Productions will require full payment of any outstanding balance on completion of the booking.

  2. 2.    Ownership of all recordings remain the property of Deaf Ear Productions until agreed fees are paid in full. This includes clearance time required for any payments made by cheque.

  3. 3.    Deaf Ear Productions shall not be liable for any delay in the provision of services caused by failure to provide information and site / venue facilities in accordance with the agreed booking terms.

  4. 4.    The access to the venue is as agreed at time of booking and an allocated, free of charge parking space (where possible) be made available for the time required. Deaf Ear Productions must informed of any changes at least 48 hours prior to agreed booking times. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of any deposit payment.

  5. 5.    The customer must ensure that the venue and facilities are safe and comply with Health and Safety Regulations.  Deaf Ear Productions retain the right to cancel a booking if the facilities pose a threat to any equipment or individual acting on behalf of Deaf Ear Productions. This may result in a forfeiture of the deposit.

  6. 6.     Deaf Ear Productions shall not be liable for failure or delay in supplying equipment / services as agreed with the customer due to fires, strikes, natural occurrence / disaster, act of civil disturbance or any other industrial action, incorrect or unclear instructions provided by the customer, or any other cause beyond our reasonable control.   

  7. 7.    Any loss or damage to the equipment, due to negligence by the client will result in repair / replacement / hire costs being charged to the client.

  8. 8.    Deaf Ear Productions are committed to Equal Opportunities and any individual acting on behalf of Deaf Ear Productions will carry out their duties in accordance with The Equal Opportunities Act 2010.

  9. 9.    Deaf Ear Productions staff or persons acting on our behalf will not tolerate any behaviour that contravenes the Equal Opportunities Act 2010. Deaf Ear Productions reserve the right cancel a booking without notice if contraventions occur with the possible forfeiture of any deposits paid.

  10. 10.    When a booking has been confirmed you agree to Deaf Ear Productions terms and conditions.


Our aim is to provide you with a great service and to help you get the most out of your session, we will guide you through the entire recording process as required. On completion of your session we can offer you two choices:

1   We will take the recording away, mix it and email you a preview in mp3 format for your consultation. Acting on your input we will, where possible, amend your mix and provide the final product in a format of your choice.

2   If you prefer, we can mix it on site and transfer it to CD for you to take away after the session. 

Delivery times for your completed recording have a minimum of a 48hr turnaround. This is a guideline only as delivery depends upon the length and amount of material recorded.


Deaf Ear can also facilitate the production of your audio book/script by providing the three main processes: recording, editing, mastering as a complete package or, as an individual service.


If you would rather narrate or direct the recording of you book/script in your own home or at a location in which you feel comfortable, Deaf Ear can facilitate the process by bringing the studio to you.

Recording Rates

Recording rate is set at £35.00 per hour.

A 20,000 word document  approx £1,272.00

A 50,000 word document  approx £3,182.00

A 120.00 word document  approx £7,636.00

Digital Editing

Deaf Ear use state of the art digital editing software.

Editing rate:  per hour  £25.00


Mastering your book/script can be done to your specifications or Industry standard audio.

Mastering rate per chapter:  £35.00


FTP up/download 500Mb  £10.00

CDR  £10.00

DVD data  £20.00

Client USB/Hard drive No Charge.


*All prices quoted are within a 5 mile radius of London N17

0.55p per mile thereafter