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National Railway Museum (York)

Ambulance Trains exhibition

This soundscape consisted of some extracts taken from the diaries of soldiers serving at the front during the First World War. Permission was sought from the families to use the content of the diaries which were then narrated by actors. The resulting soundscape supported the narrative by re-creating the environment whilst travelling on an ambulance train during The Great War. Both the stereo and binaural mixes are included. For maximum effect we would advise you to listen to the Binaural mix on headphones

Imperial War Museum

HMS Belfast, River Thames

This brief had a two part feature that had to work in sync – firstly, the low rumble of the engine due to its size and secondly, the rhythmic sound of various moving parts including the opening of steam pressure valves.

To achieve the brief, the final design consisted of a 1955 Vickers diesel locomotive engine (for the low rumble recorded in the engine bay of the locomotive) and a variety of steam irons, clocks and household vacuum cleaners – we also included the ships bell. For maximum effect we would advise you to listen to the Binaural mix on

Lastman standing

the preservation of endangered music

Working in partnership with members of the Irish Travelling community, The Selby Trust and EnterTrainers Ltd, Deafear successfully secured funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund to preserve and archive a small portion of this of this rich musical heritage. The songs were recorded using the Deafear mobile system at various locations in North London. The vocal performances are unprocessed to retain the natural integrity of the songs

She moved through the fair

Jacquelyn Hynes from the album, Silver and Wood

The basic foundation of this song feature guitar, flute and vocal which were recorded live in the studio.

The additional instruments, Dobro, kemence and ud were recorded remotely all supported by the masterful cajon of Luis Landa-Shreitt.

It was then pieced and edited together over some very late nights and achieved critical acclaim.

Silver and Wood Album produced by Jacquelyn Hynes and Brian Despard

A Tottenham soundscape

Bruce Castle Museum

This soundscape is an audio history tracing the social and technological changes which impacted everyday life in the Tottenham area of North- East London from the 1950s to 2015. The story begins on a tour of a museum. Some teenagers break away from the group and discover an old wireless radio and a strange history lesson begins. The recordings were made in Bruce Castle Museum and various locations in the Bruce Grove area featuring the wonderful people of Tottenham. Museum exhibits were individually recorded, edited and used to recreate the soundscape of each decade.

Society of Imaginary Friends

Karamel Club, London

This is a live recording of a performance by The Society of Imaginary Friends at the Karamel Club, London. This band is highly creative and delivers a type of power opera that is both unique and complex.

This concert was recorded using our old vintage console in a reverberant room.

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Audio Clips

For best experience use headphones for binaural mixes.


National Railway Museum

Ambulance train, York

Recreating the real life testimony of injured WW1 soldiers against a battlefield backdrop

Imperial War Museum

HMS Belfast, River Thames

Engine room recreation while at sea

Lastman Standing

Recorded at various north London venues

Jacquelyn Hynes

Silver and Wood Album

A Tottenham Soundscape

Bruce Castle Museum, London

Society of Imaginary Friends

Karamel Club, London