What we do?

Preservation and conservation

Deafear has a keen interest in cultural arts which include music, songs, poetry and the spoken word. We are especially interested in the conservation of endangered cultural assets that must be protected and preserved for posterity.

We are passionate about cultural preservation and alongside our technical services we can advise in a consultative or partnership basis to assist with funding applications and in the planning and development of your project.


Mobile Multitrack and Ambisonic Surround Sound Recording

Whilst Deafear still offer multitrack recording and editing services, immersive audio is now becoming the norm on many platforms.

We can now offer 1st order Ambisonic recording in both Fuma and Ambix formats. Utilising the Sennheiser ambi microphone coupled with the Zoom F8n portable digital recorder, this is becoming an industry recognized combo that consistently produces high quality recordings.

These recordings can then be processed in 1st/2nd and 3rd order ambisonics, mono, stereo, and binaural stereo.

For the more budget conscious we can offer binaural recording using our Roland binaural headset coupled with the Roland R26 portable digital recorder. Primarily designed for headphone use, this brings larger depth and a bigger perspective to the stereo image with 360 degree positioning.

Mixing and Mastering

A new addition to our audio multitrack mixing and editing service is that we can now offer the full ISRC red book standard mastering service.

Sound design

Deafear has recorded and edited a large hi-resolution sample library. Content ranges from everyday audio samples recorded on location, to moody and atmospheric synthesized sounds.

We offer a bespoke service and have created soundscapes for a wide range of clients for use in performances, exhibitions, and installations across the UK.

Audio restoration

Using state of the art audio restoration tools, Deafear productions can restore, where possible, your old noisy cassette tapes, vinyl records and reel to reel recordings into digital formats Wav, Mp3 and FLAC which is now becoming the preferred streaming medium. DAT and ADAT tape transfers are also available.